When we exercise organic apiculture - according to the European regulation -  we mean:
1) Placing the bee hives in areas where in radius of 3 kilometers (the flying radius of the bee) there is agrestal vegetation or organic cultivation.
2) Bee hives must be placed away from urban or industrial pollutants (for example we do not place bee houses at the boundaries of a town)

3) We do not feed bees with bee food which contains sugar, but honey, both during winter as well as later if the weather is not good and the life of the bee swarm is in danger.
4) We do not use drugs in the bee hive which leave residues in the honey but we practice methods and use products which aim to help developing the swarms’ defenses or fighting against diseases without leaving any residues in the honey.
5) And ABOVE ALL, we respect all the gifts bees offer us.